Pass The Popcorn: 9th Wonder Is ‘The Hip-Hop Fellow’ [Documentary Trailer]

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Pass The Popcorn: 9th Wonder Is 'The Hip-Hop Fellow' [Documentary Trailer]

Pass The Popcorn: 9th Wonder Is 'The Hip-Hop Fellow' [Documentary Trailer]

Oh you thought ?uestlove was the only one that could get all academic on this hip-hop ish? Well, prepare to be blown away by the fortitude of The Hip-Hop Fellow, a feature-length documentary charting 9th Wonder‘s tenure as a Harvard University professor, teaching “The Breaks” to a few dozen well-off Cambridge folk. As a complimentary effort to Harvard’s Hip-Hop Archive (curating all academic, cultural and political matters related to our dear tradition) 9th Wonder’s scholastic residency is not to be missed as a student of the college.

The Hip-Hop Fellow gives the 7 billion people who have not attended that prestigious institution a chance to bear witness to this historical moment, where the integration of hip-hop as an academic endeavor is finally accepted as a viable discipline. You can catch Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Young Guru, Kendrick Lamar, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Ab- Soul, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and so many more vouch for the weight of 9th and this project in the trailer for The Hip-Hop Fellow below. Be sure to make your way to your nearest cineplex to see the doc when it drops in April.

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