4/20: The Stoner Post [2013 Edition]

4/20: The Stoner Post [2013 Edition]


Record Store Day is cool and all, but let us not neglect the other holiday that’s been going on today, It’s National Weed Smoking Day. *deep inhale* I’ve been “celebrating” since sunrise so please excuse any typos (they probably won’t be corrected). The plan was to post this at 4:20 on 4/20, but yeah, weed tends to destroy any type of punctuality. I’ll keep the commentary to a minimal, but you already know all your favorite weed smoking rappers had to drop some music today, so get it all here, as well as any other 4/20 related content I found in my inbox. To break things up there are plenty of stoner friendly gifs in there too (mostly stolen from Buzzfeed). Roll up and click away, let this post enhance what’s left of the holiday.

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