14KT Nickel & Dimed
14KT Nickel & Dimed

14KT - Nickel & Dimed (Audio Trailer)

14KT Nickel & Dimed

We really don't get enough new music from the homie 14KT, dude really kills all that he touches. Luckily, we'll be hearing plenty from the Michigan producer, this summer. KT will be releasing his new instrumental album, Nickel & Dimed, on August 27th via Mello Music Group. Before that drops, KT puts his DJ skills on display with this audio trailer of the album. " From lean soaked swerve to flamboyant west coast Errol Flynnin', soulful synths and hard hitting drums drive KT's most eclectic project to date." The full LP will feature 14 instrumental tracks (Nickels) and 6 vocal tracks (Dimes) with features from Blu, MED, Kokane, AB, Black Milk, Jamall Bufford (fka Buff1), JMSN, and more (full tracklist, below).


05. Five & Ten (feat. 14KT)

05. Right So

05. Imonit!

05. Streamin'

05. Rosey Posey

05. West Coast Errol Flynnin'

05. 2wice Again

05. Go There

05. Packin' Heat

05. Your Future

05. Toris

05. Lincoln Lux

05. Tri-City [Pep Rally]

05. Crystal Figurines

05. Slo Swerve


10. PAID (feat. Blu)

10. Imonit! (feat. Ozay Moore)

10. W.C.E.F. (feat. MED & Kokane)

10. Toris (feat. AB)

10. Crown (feat. Black Milk & MED)

10. Slo Swerve (feat. Jamall Bufford & JMSN)

All tracks produced and arranged by 14KT