Year’s Best: OKP’s Top 14 Music Videos Of 2014

Year's Best: OKP's Top 14 Music Videos Of 2014

Year's Best: OKP's Top 14 Music Videos Of 2014

We already covered the 14 Best LPs and 14 Best Songs of 2014, but somehow the 14 Best Videos of 2014 slipped by us–almost!–without proper recognition. That would have been a criminal oversight in what turned out to be a surprisingly strong year for the music video format, in spite of being a terrible year for music overall (quality may be subjective, but record sales sucked objectively last year). 2014 was characterized by a return of innovative choreography and animation–two artforms which both drive and thrive off the market for music videos–and in at least one case (Mark Ronson x Bruno Mars‘ “Uptown Funk”) the elaborate choreography was matched in quality by the cinematography, costume, cars, cameras, dolly-work and location…in a word, budget. 2014 also saw the emergence of a bonafide Video Star. We’re talking, of course, about FKA Twigs, an ex-video girl with a hit titled “Video Girl” and an arresting physical presence onscreen; an artist whose persona and mode of expression are so perfectly suited to the form you would think the year was 1980 and her last name was Ciccione, an iconoclast getting ready to decapitate 2014 equivalent The Buggles with her alien-made katana.

The true stars of the video form however, are the directors, so while the rest of the world is paying attention to the Oscar nominations announced today, we are gonna run down our own mini-Oscars/Video Music Awards; the Top 14 Videos of 2014. In fact, if the careers of Spike Jonz and Michel Gondry are any indication, this crop of video directors will be on the Oscar list in about 5 years time anyway. With that in mind, remember these names: Hiro Murai, Simon Benjamin, Kahlil Joseph, Terence Nance, Joel Kefali, Cameron Duddy, Joe Baughman, Fons Schneiden, Nabil Elderkin, Andrew Donoho and Gia Coppola. And click through to enjoy the 14 Best Videos of 2014…

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