Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate Lord Superb Dead At 41

Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate Lord Superb Dead At 41

Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate Lord Superb Dead At 41

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Lord Superb, a former Wu-Tang Clan affiliate, has passed away. He was 41.

Born Jamel Cummings, Superb allegedly served as a ghostwriter for the Wu-Tang Clan, as well as appeared on Ghostface Killah‘s¬†Supreme Clientele¬†album, featuring on tracks “Ghost Deini” and “We Made It.” He was also a part of Raekwon‘s American Cream Team rap group.

After feeling abandoned following the end of the Cream Team, Superb cut his ties with Wu-Tang and served time in jail for sexual molestation after he allegedly had sex with a 12-year-old girl.

The cause of Superb’s death has yet to be confirmed according to the Source. As the rap website notes:

“There has been no confirmation as to his cause of death, however, it was reported that Superb passed out in New Jersey earlier this month, fell into a coma and never regained consciousness.”

Numerous artists have paid tribute to the late rapper including DJ Premier, Roc Marciano, and Lord Jamar.

Jamar took to Instagram to share a picture of himself alongside Superb with the following caption:

“Rest In Power to my baby bro Jamel Bibbs p.k.a. LORD SUPERB…I’m saddened by his passing, because I watched this talented young soul grow up from the age of 16, but because of poor choices he never truly lived up to his POTENTIAL…PERB was one of the illest/hoodest/funniest/knowledgable individuals I’ve ever met & it’s a shame the world has never heard his BEST MATERIAL, which was recorded with me at 560 State St. in Brooklyn during the mid 90’s. I love u Perb, & u will be missed.”

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