Meek Mill Sentenced to Two to Four Years for Violating His Parole
Meek Mill Sentenced to Two to Four Years for Violating His Parole

Meek Mill Sentenced to Two to Four Years for Violating His Probation

Update: Meek Mill's lawyer Joe Tacopina says that Judge Genece E. Brinkley has a personal vendetta against the rapper. According to Tacopina, that vendetta is centered on a Boyz II Men song.

Tacopina told TMZ that Brinkley said Meek Mills should remake Boyz II Men's "On Bended Knee," shouting her out on the record. Meek started laughing, thinking that she was joking, and Brinkley responded by saying "I'm not kidding."

See the original story below:

Meek will be gone for a while

Meek Mill was sentenced to two to four years in state prison on Monday afternoon. The reason? For violating parole for a gun and drug case that happened nearly ten years ago.

Meek, whose real name is Robert Williams, was arrested in March after getting into an altercation at a St. Louis airport. (Those charges were later dropped.) He was then arrested for reckless endangerment over the summer, a charge he pled guilty to last month.

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Judge Genece E. Brinkley, who has a long history with the rapper, deemed both instances a violation of his probation. Brinkley told Meek that he was "thumbing your nose" at her for his violations.

Interestingly enough, prosecutors recommended Meek not be arrested, mentioning that he has been clean and has been complying with his probation requirements.

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However, that was not enough.

In 2008, before Meek was a star, the rapper did eight months in prison for drug and guns charges. Upon his release he was sentenced to five years of probation. A year later, he violated his probation by leaving Philly, and his probation was extended for an additional 10 years.

As the news for Meek's latest arrest hit, social media was abuzz with support for the rapper:

Meek's lawyer says he is planning to appeal.