Lupe Fiasco’s Upcoming ‘DROGAS WAVE’ Is a “Long” Concept Album About American Slavery
Lupe Fiasco’s Upcoming ‘DROGAS WAVE’ Is a “Long” Concept Album About American Slavery

Update: Lupe Fiasco Gives Details About His Upcoming Slavery-Themed Album

Update: Lupe Fiasco provided some more context tohis upcomingDROGAS WAVEalbum. In a responseto one of our tweets, Lupe wrote:

The line seems to be a quote from the upcoming album. As for the name Alan Kurdi:that was the 3-year-oldSyrian boy who drowned in theMediterranean Sea after trying to escapeSyria.

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Lupe is working on his seventh studio album

Lupe Fiasco is responsible for making two of the better concept albums of the last 20 years, 2007's The Cool and 2015's Tetsuo & Youth.

He's working on another one.

DJ Booth unearthed an interview Lupe did on a Malaysian television show a couple of weeks ago. TheChicago rapper revealed some of his future album plans.

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The rapper talked about his upcoming album, DROGAS WAVE, the first release not under the Atlantic Records umbrella. During the interview Lupe revealed that the project will be a concept album centered around slavery in America.

Lupe said:

"My ancestors in America were slaves, who came from Africa. This album is kind of speaking to that, talking about that experience. But in a mythological way. I don't want to give it up now... but it's talking about it with a supernatural spin."

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Lupe stressed the fact that the album is going to be long. (We're not sure if this means it's going to be The Cool long or Culture II long.) Lupe also revealed that he worked with Damian Marley on the new album, but that there wouldn't be a lot of features on the project.

Watch the interview below.

H/T: DJ Booth