Thundercat Recalls The Night He Met Stevie Wonder

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Thundercat Recalls The Night He Met Stevie Wonder
Source: Youtube

The Brainfeeder bassist also discussed the influence video game soundtracks on his work, shared thoughts on anime’s pop music takeover, and made a case for the greatest cartoon theme songs of all-time.

Hot Ones may have met its match in Thundercat.

The Brainfeeder bassist proved to be a formidable palette (with a staggeringly high threshold for heat,) on the latest episode of the First We Feast show. Opting for fried vegan wings (instead of the standard-issue, you know, bird,) Thundercat managed all ten rounds in the hot sauce challenge and barely flinched throughout.

During the interview, the bassist very casually discussed his love of comic books, anime, and cartoons, over a tasting course of the hottest sauces in the world. He also offered a few off-the-cuff lists, including one that championed Goof TroopMighty Orbots, Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, for having some of the greatest cartoon theme songs of all-time. Thundercat went on to relish in anime’s full-scale takeover of pop music, break down the influence of early video game soundtracks on his songwriting, examine the meditative qualities of bowling and recall the night he met Stevie Wonder at a benefit for Dayton, OH hosted by Dave Chappelle.

Thundercat’s new album It Is What It Is was released on April 3rd. It features appearances from Steve Lacy, Childish Gambino, Steve Arrington, Flying Lotus, Ty Dolla $ign, Louis Cole, and more. You can pick up a copy on red or clear vinyl via Brainfeeder.

Watch Thundercat take on Hot Ones below. Hold tight for his next transmission.

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