Kanye West
Photo Credit: Netflix

Watch This BTS Footage Kanye West "Spazzing" During the "Slow Jamz" Video Shoot

The video shoot for 2004 Kanye West track "Slow Jamz" took a turn for the worst when his creative vision went unheard.

With the third and final part of Kanye West documentary jeen-yuhs set to premiere tomorrow, directors Coodie & Chike have released a previously-unreleased clip of Ye during the 2004 "Slow Jamz" video shoot courtesy of TIME. Apparently, it seems that Ye was disgruntled with where the shoot was headed for his single from The College Dropout, and it wasn't matching the creative direction he envisioned.

“I’m gonna keep repeating myself over and over and over again. Y’all are forcing me to be the asshole,” Ye says in the video to other members of the "Slow Jamz" on-set creative team. “I’m spazzing.”

After Ye runs around the set to share the idea he had in mind, the clip ends with Twista recording his scene. Although Jamie Foxx doesn't make an appearance, he was seen in an earlier snippet from jeen-yuhs recording his "Slow Jamz" vocals. The session was held at Foxx's home because Roc-A-Fella wouldn't give West a budget for recording.

His second single from The College Dropout following "Through the Wire", "Slow Jamz" became Ye's first #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, also a first chart-topper for Twista and Foxx.

Prior to the release of jeen-yuhs, Ye protested the documentary's release, even calling for Drake to narrate the film. Earlier this month, Ye seemed to have a change of heart, even appearing at the film's Los Angeles premiere.

The third and final act of jeen-yuhs releases Wednesday on Netflix.