Watch Rage Against The Machine’s Documentary on The Myth of Whiteness
Watch Rage Against The Machine’s Documentary on The Myth of Whiteness
(Photo by Kevin Winter via Getty Images)

Watch Rage Against The Machine's Documentary on The Myth of Whiteness

The politically-charged band teams with The Ummah Chroma on a powerful documentary short on the invention of whiteness.

Never ones to let fascism go unchecked, Rage Against The Machine has released a documentary in response to last week's attempt at a coup on Capitol Hill.

Teaming with The Ummah Chroma arts collective, the politically-charged band lends their music and a grip of concert footage to the new documentary, Killing in Thy Name. The 15-minute doc follows a teacher attempting to demystify the myth of whiteness to a group of children, explaining the violent history behind the invention of race. “Living in the States, you’re living in one of the most brutal societies in the history of the world," says bandleader, Zack de la Rocha, in an archival interview featured in the documentary.

"Any society or any government or any system that is set up solely to profit a wealthy class while the majority of the people toil and suffer and sell their labor power, so long as that system’s only true motive is profit interest and not the maintenance and the betterment of the population, to meeting human needs, then that society should not stand, " de la Rocha adds.

The film is also dotted with a number of quotes from historians and abolitionists. It closes with concert footage from a Rage Against The Machine show and the credits feature an extensive list of suggested reading. In 2020, Rage Against The Machine was slated to reunite for their "Public Service Announcement" tour, which was intended to run right up to the presidential election. However, like virtually all tours in 2020, it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and rescheduled dates have yet to be announced.

Until then, you can watch Rage Against The Machine and The Ummah Chroma's Killing in Thy Name documentary below.