Watch House Shoes Spin Hours of Unreleased J Dilla Beat Tapes
Watch House Shoes Spin Hours of Unreleased J Dilla Beat Tapes
Photo by Paul Warner for WireImage via Getty Images.

Watch House Shoes Spin Hours of Rare Unreleased J Dilla Beat Tapes

A close friend and confidant of the late J Dilla is prying open the vault for an extensive exploration of the rarities he's collected over the years.

It's February 7th and all your favorite J Dilla scholars are raising it up for the late producer on what would have been his 48th birthday. 

Never one to let the day (or most days for the matter,) go without a proper salute to the icon, House Shoes is getting ready to live with an extensive excavation of his stash of J Dilla rarities. The DJ, producer, and Street Corner Music label chief announced he'd be taking to Twitch today to play through his collection of unreleased Dilla beat tapes in chronological order, taking listeners phase-to-phase through the development of one of hip-hop's most esteemed composers. So if you've ever wondered just how much of Dilla's work you haven't heard, today's the day to find out.

Shoes shared a glimpse at his meticulously managed archive on Instagram over the weekend, previewing what's in store for today's set. 

Tune in on House Shoes' Twitch at 2pm PST to catch all the action. Scroll on for a glimpse at the vault.