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Erykah Badu Says She Was Never Asked To Participate In ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Docuseries

Erykah Badu Says She Was Never Asked To Participate In ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Docuseries

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Erykah Badu Performs at Summer Spirit 2018
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Update: Surviving R. Kelly executive producer dream hampton and Erykah Badu exchanged words on Twitter on Tuesday (January 22nd). hampton says that they contacted Badu for the documentary, while Badu maintains they didn’t:

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dream hampton, the executive producer of the Surviving R. Kelly documentary series, previously said she asked Erykah Badu to participate in the series.

After trying to clarify statements she reportedly said on R. Kelly during a recent performance in Chicago, Erykah Badu has now gone on to speak about the Surviving R. Kelly documentary series.

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The soul singer responded to a tweet where the person said Badu had declined to be a part of the docuseries, a claim originally made by the series’ executive producer, dream hampton.

“That’s not true. I’ve never worked with him, don’t know him personally, and was never asked to be a part of the documentary,” Badu said.

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Previously, hampton said that she had asked Badu and several other artists and celebrities to speak on Kelly but they declined.

“I asked Jay-Z, I asked Mary J. Blige, I asked Lil Kim, Erykah Badu, Dave Chappelle…I mean, most people just don’t want to touch it,” hampton said.

This comes about shortly after some concertgoers who attended Badu’s show at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom claimed that the “Window Seat” singer appeared to defend Kelly, who was recently dropped from Sony amid his abuse allegations resurfacing through Surviving R. Kelly.

“What if one of the people who was assaulted by R. Kelly becomes an offender? We gonna crucify them too?” one attendee quoted Badu as saying on Twitter.

“I love you. Unconditionally. That doesn’t mean I support your poor choices. I want healing for you and anyone you have hurt as a result of you being hurt. Is that strange to you? That’s all I’ve ever said. Anything else has been fabricated or taken out of context,” Badu said on Twitter in response to the backlash.


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