U-God Criticizes RZA For Turning The Wu-Tang Clan Into A ‘Dictatorship’

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U-God Criticizes RZA For Turning The Wu-Tang Clan Into A 'Dictatorship'
Source: YouTube
U-God Criticizes RZA For Turning The Wu-Tang Clan Into A 'Dictatorship'

Source: YouTube

U-God‘s memoir RAW: My Journey into the Wu-Tang, was released earlier this month but the Wu-Tang rapper has released an excerpt from the book.

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Published at Rolling Stone, the excerpt finds U-God discussing how fractured the Wu-Tang Clan has become since its inception, and how the business practices of both RZA and his brother (and Wu-Tang Production CEO) Divine contributed to that.

“Divine would blame a lot of the s**t that goes down on these low-level motherf**kers we’re forced to deal with; subpar agents and the like,” U-God writes. “But if that’s the case, why the f**k did you give your strongest asset, the Wu-Tang fucking Clan, to a shi**y dude instead of a top-notch agent in the game?”

U-God then reveals that the original members of the rap collective don’t even have permission to use the Wu-Tang “W” logo.

“…to this very day his brother beefs when any of the original members attempt to use it,” the rapper writes. “…Divine always told us, ‘Y’all can’t use that W without paying a brand fee, and if a promoter calls your manager direct to book a Wu-Tang show, best believe they’re paying that brand fee!'”

Following that, U-God turns his attention to RZA and reveals how the producer and rapper was “becoming a bit of a control freak.”

“He wanted to control budget, publishing, writing hooks, everything,” U-God wrote. “Trying to exert too much control over grown-ass men leads to problems. RZA doesn’t know how to let go and let motherfuckers be grown men anymore, like he used to back in the day.”

“We still needed order, and he was the mastermind who had brought us up to this point,” he continued. “But it can’t become a dictatorship, with everything coming from the top down.”

Read the excerpt in its entirety here.

Source: Rolling Stone

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