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T.I. Really Wants To Square Off With 50 Cent in Next 'Verzuz' Battle

The two rappers could rep New York and Atlanta in an upcoming battle.

T.I. recently announced he’s interested in squaring off with 50 Cent in a Verzuz battle. 

Over on Instagram in a video on the New York rapper’s 50th birthday, T.I. shared, “For your birthday, I offer you a challenge sir.” He also added, “Pull your ass up with 20 of your records. Sit across from me, man, and get this work, man. But I understand if you don’t want to answer to that challenge ’cause last time you got challenged, Kanye West dusted your ass off. Guess who ain’t scared of your motherfu**in’ ass, 50.”

T.I. didn’t stop here, he also added 50 could be accompanied by some of his celebrity friends. "Pull on up, 50. Bring your ass on outside, Fif. Bring your hit records with you. You and Dr. Dre and Eminem and all y’all, G-Unit, y’all bring your ass on out. Come on and see the King."

What’s great about T.I.’s challenge is the fact that it’s not a personal thing for him. Despite making this clear, the Atlanta legend is pretty sure his catalog will win over 50 Cent’s catalog. In another video, he shared, “Me and you, we alright. I f**k with you, 50. It ain’t you this time. It’s your catalog that got some trouble. Your motherfu**in’ catalog is in trouble.”

In response to T.I.’s public request for a battle, 50 tweeted: “Yo somebody passed TI the weed they gave smokey in Friday LOL.” 50 typically is quick to drag rappers, singers, and the like on social media so this response was on-brand for him.

At the moment, Timbaland and Swizz Beatz haven't announced if the New York and Atlanta-based rappers will be featured in an official battle. 

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