Street Signs for a Real "Old Town Road" Keep Disappearing in Wellesley, MA

Street Signs for a Real "Old Town Road" Keep Disappearing in Wellesley, MA

The Town of Wellesley, MA Would Like You to Kindly Stop Stealing Their "Old Town Road" Street Sign

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The record-setting hit has inspired a string of fairly mild vandalism.

Lil Nas X‘s “Old Town Road” is arguably the song of summer 2019. But it’s also the bane of one Massachusetts town’s Department of Public Works.

According to The Swellesly Report — a local paper that prides itself on delivering “more than you really want to know Wellesley, Mass” — the greater Boston community’s real-life “Old Town Road” street sign has disappeared at least three times since spring (right around the time Lil Nas X’s hit entered the charts.)

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Sitting comfortably atop the charts 18 weeks strong, the Massachusetts suburb isn’t the only one paying for the success of the smash single and its endless remix streak. Stereogum adds that there are plenty of Old Town Roads — both in the US and north of the border —  that have experienced similar bouts with fairly mild vandalism. Sicamous, British Columbia is reportedly selling replicas of their Old Town Road sign after recurring thefts stripped the street of its signage.

For Wellesley’s part, the town has opted to wait out the success of the Lil Nas X song before replacing the sign again. Good luck with that.

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