Solange Discusses 'A Seat At The Table' & More In Elle Cover Story
Solange Discusses 'A Seat At The Table' & More In Elle Cover Story
Photo of Solange Knowles courtesy of Elle Magazine

Solange Salutes "Super Spirit" Junie Morrison With a Touching Eulogy

Solange Salutes Super Spirit Junie Morrison With a Touching Euology

The music world has been reeling over the loss of Walter "Junie" Morrison since news broke of the Ohio Players founder's death yesterday afternoon. More likely than not, your favorite producers and musicians have already sent up their love. The remembrances have come in long and short forms, with everyone from Questlove to Dam-Funk sharing their gratitude for Morrison's seismic stamp on funk and r&b, as one of the few musicians of his generation to not only crossover but do so with two legendary outfits (Morrison was pivotal to the late-seventies success of the Parliament-Funkadelic conglomerate.)

Now, Solange has written some heartfelt words in tribute to the "Super Spirit," counting and recounting the lessons learned from an impromptu introduction at Q-Tip's studio that laid foundation for what would become her funky A Seat At The Table ode to the pioneer. Hit the link below to for the full script and stream our exploratory playlist of Junie Morrison's impact on music while you're down there. Pick up a copy of Solange's A Seat At The Table on iTunes or grab the vinyl at The Shop.

>>>Read Solange's touching Junie Morrison eulogy (via Saint Heron)