Sobhhï's "Sedatives" Offers A Moody And Vibrant Glimpse Of Dubai [Premiere]
Sobhhï's "Sedatives" Offers A Moody And Vibrant Glimpse Of Dubai [Premiere]
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Sobhhï's "Sedatives" Offers A Moody And Vibrant Glimpse Of Dubai [Premiere]

The track is a part of an EP titled PLEASURES, which Sobhhï will drop on November 18.

There's a moodiness and mystique to Sobhhï that's reminiscent of Trilogy-era The Weeknd, and his latest release, "Sedatives," is a testament to that.

A part of an EP he'll be releasing November 18 titled PLEASURES, "Sedatives" rides with slow, downtempo beat that compliments Sobhhï's versatile vocal delivery, as the Dubai-based R&B singer croons about pleasures of his own.

"Mixing up the stimulants with sedatives / Balance out the risks and the benefits / Shordy from Bahrain study medicine / Get too lit and we got the paramedics here now," he sings during the song's hook, the singer speaking to the allure of giving into our hedonistic desires, even if it does come with some risks.

Paired with the track is a music video, which Okayplayer is premiering. Directed by Sobhhï, the music video brings the song to life, the moodiness captured in scenes taken throughout Dubai, as the video shifts from dark late night shots at a hotel balcony to colorful and vibrant shots of beautiful women smoking hookah.

Prior to "Sedatives," Sobhhï released the music video for "Nights In Dubai."

PLEASURES comes amid the three-year anniversary Sobhhï's debut EP Red I, which he released back on November 18, 2017. The project included the track "Fiending," which he credits as the song that gave him a start in the alternative R&B genre.

"Over the past years of releasing predominantly solo projects, I feel that I have had a chance to comprehensively reflect on and journal so many things: my musical identity; my approach to writing and mixing; procuring aesthetics that tell the story. These are now things I can navigate with my eyes," he said in an email. "PLEASURES is an EP where I’ve gone outside my solo dolo comfort zone, and collaborated with some of my favorite artists. Because of our collaboration, I’m honored to say these guys are my friends now, too."

Among those that Sobhhï collaborated with Maxxcupid, Charlie and NHYN, who produced "Sedatives." Sobhhï can be found on Instagram and Twitter.