Watch Snoh Aalegra’s Emotional Set at NPR’s Tiny Desk

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Snoh Aalegra
Photo Credit: NPR
Snoh Aalegra

Photo Credit: NPR

For her performance, the Iranian-Swedish singer performs a few tracks off of her latest album, -Ugh, those feels again.

Snoh Aalegra has had our hearts since she rolled out her album Don’t Explain back in 2016. Today, the Iranian-Swedish singer’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert has kicked off with her deep cut “Love Like That.” Aalegra’s rendition of the standout from her latest album is the perfect introduction track for her emotionally charged performance. Alongside Snoh are background singers and a full band which pairs perfectly with her lush vocals.

-Ugh, those feels again was a heavy album. Each track was filled with picturesque storytelling about Snoh’s experiences in love, monogamy and the intense feelings that exist within relationships. Though the album wasn’t a debut, in a way it pushed Aalegra’s sound forward in a way her previous projects hadn’t. 

“I Want You Around,” the first single to drop from -Ugh, those feels again is the second song she performs. The track is a bit self-explanatory but it digs deep into wanting to further explore a situation with someone you have begun to grow feelings for. “I’ma tell you this one time, Boy I want you to be mine, Can I come and see you now?” These are the opening lyrics to another hit single, “Whoa.” Snoh’s performance of this track emphasizes the delicate emotions that arise when you realize you’ve found your person. 

“Fool For You” off of her 2017 album FEELS is another deep cut that her fans are absolutely obsessed with. In this rendition, she’s backed by two soulful singers. The riveting performance is another glimpse into Snoh’s polished stage presence which is undeniable. 

Last year Aalegra headlined her own tour following the release of -Ugh, those feels again. This year she continues the tour, a few upcoming states she’ll be hitting include New York, Washington, and California.

Watch Snoh Aalegra’s Tiny Desk Concert here

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