Donald Trump and Kanye West stand together in the lobby at Trump Tower,
Donald Trump and Kanye West stand together in the lobby at Trump Tower,
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Report: Kanye West's Publicist Tried to Bully a Georgia Poll Worker into Lying About Voter Fraud During The 2020 Election

A new report based on recently released police filings details how Trevian Kutti, a publicist and "crisis manager" for Kanye, intimidated a Georgia poll worker who was targeted by former president Donald Trump following the 2020 election.

Much like the months building up to his categorical loss, the weeks following the 2020 presidential election were filled with efforts to discredit the results by Donald Trump. Who, again, verifiably did not win, despite literally dozens of failed attempts to file suit against states that would not look into virtually non-existent instances of voter fraud. At times, Trump would even go so far as to publically target specific poll workers in those states (particularly the ones where he lost by narrow margins,) which would inevitably lead to that person receiving death threats from the president's rabidly dangerous supporters. That was precisely the case for Georgia volunteer, Ruby Freeman, who was working at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta on Election Day (one of several voting sites where the president claimed poll workers were counting "phony" mail-in ballots stashed in "mysterious suitcases" -- they weren't,) and, after weeks of enduring threats of violence and litigation, was visited by a publicist and "crisis manager" for Kanye West, who also categorically lost the 2020 presidential election (and by the widest possible margin.)

According to a report from Reuter, on January 4th, Freeman was bullied by Trevian Kutti (who is a member of "the Young Black Leadership Council under President Donald Trump" and proudly describes herself as both a "political sharpshooter" and "media manipulator,") at her own doorstep in a Georgia suburb. The report, which is based on previously unreported police and legal filings, as well as Freeman's first interview since she was pulled into the post-election chaos, details how Kutti and an unidentified man knocked on the poll worker's door on behalf of an unnamed "high-profile individual" and offered her an out: lie about Trump's unsubstantiated voter fraud claims or get nabbed up by a mob and head to jail within 48-hours.

In a recording of their interaction obtained by the publication, Kutti vaguely states "I cannot say what specifically will take place," but "just know that it will disrupt your freedom." The publicist then very ominously tells Freeman she is "a loose end for a party that needs to tidy up" and the Feds are involved.

And it only gets wilder from there. The report explains how Kutti put a man named "Harrison Ford" (sadly, not the actor,) on the phone to speak with Freeman and claimed he had "authoritative powers to get you protection" if she implicated herself in Trump's voter fraud allegations (which, again, were verifiably bullshit.) On the following day, Freeman received a call from an FBI agent (presumably a real one,) advising her to leave her home of 20 years as it had grown unsafe. And on January 6th, as frothing-at-the-mouth Trump supporters descended on Capitol Hill hoping to lynch the vice president and various members of the Democratic party, they also came for Freeman, as promised, at her home, in a mob, 48-hours after her initial meeting with Kutti.

Reuters was unable to confirm whether Kutti still works for Kanye. Both the rapper and his publicist declined to comment. She joined West's team at some point in 2018 after leaving R. Kelly's camp.