Redman Mr. Cream Mr. Green
Redman Mr. Cream Mr. Green
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Redman & Mr. Cream Try to Get Hip-Hop Off of Life Support in New Single

Redman hooks up with Mr. Cream and Mr. Green for the nostalgic new single "Hip Hop 2020."

This isn't Muddy Waters Too, yet. But legendary rapper Redman has released a new track. The song is called "Hip Hop 2020" and it features an appearance from his cousin Mr. Cream. (Fun fact: Mr. Cream appeared on the infamous Redman episode of MTV Cribs.)

The song features the two MCs rapping as if hip-hop is a living breathing entity. In the song, hip-hop is on life support and the two MCs are trying to figure out what happened. The two veterans don't sound bitter; they are appreciative, reminiscing about legendary rappers like Nas, De La Soul, KRS-One, EPMD, and more. 

The song was produced by Highland Park, New Jersey DJ and Producer Mr. Green. He teams up with Redman — who assisted with the production — to provide a soulful backdrop. (Sidenote: We recently sat down with Mr. Green to talk about the legendary Malik B from The Roots, who died last month.) "Hip Hop 2020" song isn't attached to a project, as of now. But we know Redman has been teasing Muddy Waters Too for a couple of years. (That album, which still doesn't have a release date, will be produced by Erick Sermon.)

Just because he's late with the album doesn't mean Redman hasn't been. putting out new music. Back in January, the legendary rapper put out a really quick call 3 Joints, which, like the title suggests, features three songs. 

Check out "Hip Hop 2020" below.