Raphael Saadiq Calls Golden Globe Nomination a 'Huge Deal'
Raphael Saadiq Calls Golden Globe Nomination a 'Huge Deal'

Raphael Saadiq Talks About Being Nominated for His First Golden Globe

Raphael Saadiq was nominated for his work on Mary J. Blige's "Mighty River"

On Monday morning, the Golden Globes announced the 2018 Golden Globe nominations.

One of the big winners was Mary J. Blige, who got two Golden Globe nominations for the work she did on the film Mudbound. One nomination was for Best Supporting Actress; the other was for BestOriginal Song, which was for her track Mighty River, a song she wrote with Raphael Saadiq.

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This means that in addition to Mary, Raphael Saadiq would be getting his first Golden Globe nomiantion. The legondary singer and producertalked to Billboard about the nomination and the making of the track. Speaking aboout how the track come about, Saadiq said:

"I knew I had to come up with something that would fit Mary and would have the textures of the film...I think when she heard the title and the story, the lyrics touched her in a few different places...[Blige] had the opportunity to work out in the cold on the film, and it was rough and the story was heart-touching, so she knew way more than we did about it. She said, 'I need it to be like this,' and we just went with it."

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Saadiq, who has won a Grammy before, also broke down what it was like to be nominated for a Golden Globe:

"It's a huge deal. For a lot more than just me. I have a lot of people who really support me in every aspect of my career... friends, family, fans, and it's more for them than for me. People love to see someone they cheer for their whole career and I don't do anything for awards, but this is definitely a huge honor.

If you haven't heard the track yet, listen to "Mighty River" below.