PJ Waiting For Paris EP Cover Art
PJ Waiting For Paris EP Cover Art
Photo Credit: Atlantic Records

PJ's Highly-Anticipated 'Waiting for Paris' EP Is a Breath of Fresh Air

The six-track project focuses on the singer's creative journey and relationships.

North Carolina native PJ has released Waiting for Paris, her highly-anticipated EP.

Waiting For Paris is a reflective R&B project, on it, she displays her passion for writing and composing catchy songs. Recently, the singer-songwriter has been dropping tracks as a part of her ongoing Quarantine Tape series. The series features songs she’s currently in love with including Roddy Rich’s “High Fashion” and Doja Cat’s “Say So.”

Last year in an interview she shared she was putting her finishing touches on a project (Waiting for Paris). When speaking on it she said the EP would dig deeper into her creative journey and relationships. 

Out of the six tracks on the release, “Counterfeit” is our favorite. It was the first single to arrive before it was unveiled. The heavy drums on this song alongside PJ’s voice are what make it work. She also recently revealed a video for it. 

“Smoke” is another track where PJ’s voice stands out. Throughout the song, she’s reflecting on a damaging, toxic situation. It’s a relatable track about wanting to keep existing in a space where she’s found love despite the fiery personality of her partner. 

Waiting for Paris explores intimate situations PJ’s experienced, her current life as a creative, and what it’s been like to be hustling non-stop over the years. Despite a lengthy hiatus from now to her last full-length EP, Rare (2016), PJ has kept her pen sharp and the production in her music tight. 

Listen to Waiting For Paris below.