'Madvillainy' Exec On MF DOOM Officiating His Wedding
'Madvillainy' Exec On MF DOOM Officiating His Wedding
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'Madvillainy' Exec On MF DOOM Officiating His Wedding: "He Freestyled The Whole Ceremony"

Eothen "Egon" Alapatt spoke on MF DOOM officiating his wedding, helping Madvillainy come to life and the late rapper's craft as an MC.

In 2016, pictures surfaced of the late MF DOOM appearing to officiate a wedding. Although some believed that the images were fake, turns out that they were very real, and were originally from 2009, when Eothen "Egon" Alapatt — the man who helped bring DOOM and Madlib together, culminating in the two's beloved collab album Madvillainy — got married. Now, in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Egon explained how DOOM ended up officiating his wedding.

"When I called him up and said, 'I’m getting married next month. Would you officiate our wedding? It would mean the world to us,' he said, 'What’s the date?'" he recounted. "He showed up at three in the morning, the morning before we were going to get married, and we walked through the whole thing. He had this big leather book and he walked everywhere with me, and he took notes. The next day, he showed up early and my mom asked him to put his mask on because she was like, 'C’mon, that’s you.' He wore the mask through the whole ceremony and reception."

"He did that not because he was getting paid; he never asked me for a dime. He showed up that night at three in the morning to make me feel comfortable, did the most beautiful job officiating, and then forgot that leather book," Egon continued. "I found it as I was cleaning up, and I just wanted to see the notes he took about what I said to him, and when I opened that fucking book, it was just triangles, squares and circles. [Laughs] He freestyled the whole ceremony! I’m telling you this because, first of all, when I saw that, I burst out laughing — this guy is a genius. But also to say, he showed up and made me feel like I was the most important person in the world at that moment. How special is that? How many people can do that?"

Elsewhere in the interview, Egon also discussed Madvillainy and DOOM's undeniable talent as an MC, saying that the late rapper "was such a master of his craft."

"When I listened to the record [for the first time], my mind was blown because it’s the first time that something that I truly believe in had come together," he said. "And Madlib himself is rapping on it, something he told me he was never going to do again. It was like a dream come true to me. When we were making these songs, we thought we were making them for ourselves. We didn’t think anybody was going to care about them. It was either going to do really well or just be some other thing and we’ll move on to the next thing. But this was the thing that I came out here to do."

On the last day of last year, DOOM’s family announced that the he had passed just two months before. The rapper was recently honored at this year's Grammys.