Method Man Says Wu-Tang Clan is “The Nirvana of Our Time”

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Method Man recently joined the Jemele Hill is Unbothered podcast.

On the latest episode of Spotify’s “Jemele Hill is Unbothered” podcast, legendary rapper and actor Method Man joined Jemele Hill to talk his role in the new Power Book II: Ghost series, his love for comic books, Wu-Tang Clan and more. Stream the full episode below.

The topic of Wu-Tang’s mainstream success came up, and Meth explained how success within the Black community drew a larger audience to what was already a fully-formed product. “I think a lot of it is attributed to how well received we were by the Black community,” he said, “which makes others very curious, like what’s going on over there? What’s all the racket?”

Meth continued, acknowledging that their music is a foundational text for many a music fan. He compared Wu-Tang’s effect on music at large to bands like Metallica and Nirvana.

“That music is so relevant to them today, they want to play it for their kids,” he explained. “It’s them trying to tell them, this is your music education. This is where you should start at…it’s the same way they are rabid about when grunge was out and even heavy metal. And those guys were straight bums. They dress like bums, but they were zillionaires from music…you look at Metallica…you see those guys, they ain’t got the big chains or none of that, you know, is grungy and Wu Tang defined,  you could call it a grunge rap, let’s call it that. Grunge hip hop. That’s exactly what it was. So we were the Nirvana of our time.”

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