Madlib hints at the new Black Star album
Madlib hints at the new Black Star album

Here's Further Evidence that a New Black Star Album Might Be on the Way

What doesTalib Kweli say about all of this?

Over the weekend, Yasiin Bey announced that a new Black Star album was on its way. During a DJ set by Madlib, Bey announced New Black Star with Madlib, Talib Kweli, Yasiin, coming soon!

With that one line, rap fans went crazy. But, it remains to be seen, was Yasiin Bey serious?

It looks like he was.

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On Tuesday Madlib released his Rappcats newsletter. In it, the producer revealed that he was in talks with Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli about a new Black Star album and how they might make [a new album] happen.

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It's been 20 years since Black Star release their landmark debutMos Def and Talib Kweli are Blackstar. While they've done many classic songs over the years, we still haven't seen a proper follow up.

Let's change that.

Source: Pitchfork