Source: Griselda Records

Mach-Hommy Drops Conductor Williams-Produced Single "The Stellar Ray Theory"

Mach-Hommy releases his first offering from the Pray for Haiti album.

On Wednesday, Mach-Hommy released "The Stellar Ray Theory," the first single from his forthcoming album, Pray for Haiti. The track is produced by Conductor Williams. The new album is executive produced by Griselda ringleader Westside Gunn, and set to drop on Friday, May 21st.

"I'ma need y'all to rain dance," Mach said in a press release. "This rap s--t is too dry right now." "Once a rebel, always a rebel," Westside Gunn added. "Mach and I cooked up a hip-hop classic with Pray for Haiti.

Twenty percent of the album's proceeds will go to the Pray for Haiti Trust Fund, which will work to improve schools in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The project is Mach's first full-length release since 2020's Mach's Hard Lemonade. Vinyl copies of the album quickly sold out, going for $444.44 each before the album was added to digital streaming platforms.

The album--described as "one of the most important things you do for the year"--is sixteen tracks, featuring beats from DJ Green Lantern, Denny Laflare, Cee Gee, Nicholas Craven, Sadhu Gold, and more. Conductor Williams handles production duties for three tracks on the project. Pre-order, add, and favorite Pray for Haiti on your preferred digital streaming platform. In addition to Westside Gunn, the project features Keisha Plum and frequent collaborator Tha God Fahim.

"A pure masterpiece!" Gunn added on Instagram. "Curated by the beautiful mind of WSG...I can't wait until y'all hear this whole album, it's very special."