Here’s a List of (Almost) Every Song Larry Levan Spun at Paradise Garage

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Here's a List of (Almost) Every Song Larry Levan Spun at Paradise Garage - 1
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The list features hundreds of classic and obscure disco, house, and funk, cuts.

Approaching 30 years since his death, a nearly complete ledger of Larry Levan‘s Paradise Garage arsenal has emerged.

Thanks to the diligent efforts of House Masters, hundreds of songs played by the legendary DJ (in the house that he built,)  have been cataloged (in alphabetical order, no less,) for your reference. The list features disco, house, and funk, galore, ranging from the timeless and well-known to obscure but no less essential deep cuts, including classics from Prince, Stevie Wonder, Atmosphere, Cherryl Lynn, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and so many more. The slate also includes sought after edits produced by the DJ.

Larry Levan began his residency at the longtime shuttered Paradise Garage in 1977, where he helped establish the Greenwich Village club as a grittier counterpoint to the notoriously gaudy and glitzed-out, Studio 54, drawing on NYC’s LGBTQ community and uniting them on a dancefloor he commanded from the booth. Levan was the club’s main attraction during its ten-year run, during which he broke countless records and introduced NYC’s downtown club scene to pockets of house and electronic music, a taste he developed as a dear friend of Frankie Knuckles.

Due to its exclusive nature, firsthand accounts and a handful of bootleg mixes are amongst the only living testaments to a night out at Paradise Garage (which makes this list that much more impressive.) But anyone looking to brush up on the club’s history and Larry Levan’s impact on DJ culture at large should dig up copies of Josell Ramos’ Maestro documentary or the more recent film, Larry’s Garage, which is now streaming on Vimeo (watch the trailer below.)

You can comb through the full list below.

Nearly every track that Larry Levan played at The Paradise Garage.

52nd Street – Cool As Ice 1983
52nd Street – Tell…

Posted by House Masters on Sunday, November 15, 2020

Larry's Garage from Ramp Production on Vimeo.

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