Kendrick Lamar Speaks on the Swizz Beatz Vs. Timbaland Beat Battle

Kendrick Lamar Speaks on the Swizz Beatz Vs. Timbaland Beat Battle

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A date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Swizz Beatz and Timbaland will participate in a beat battle soon.

Both producers have confirmed they are down for a battle, which will encompass new and unreleased music from the two.

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Swizz Beatz is a natural promoter. And he has been going around asking rappers about the battle and then putting their response on Instagram. Yesterday, he ran into Kendrick Lamar. The “Humble” rapper used the opportunity to throw phrase on to Swizz:

“This my generation you know, Being the student of rap, when I first started rhymin’ what I used to do was check the fuckin’ credits…This is something I don’t know if the kids doing these days. I’m gonna explain to you, checking the credits is how I know I want to work with Swizz Beatz one day. I remember my favorite fuckin’ beat. Checking the credits and they say Swizz on it.”

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Swizz also caught up with another legendary rapper: Nas. In that video, Swizz tries to get the legendary rapper to pick a winner.

His response:

“Y’all both my brothers, man, so I just want to watch it go down.”

Check out the videos below.

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