Kendrick Lamar Says His Verse on "Fear" is His Best
Kendrick Lamar Says His Verse on "Fear" is His Best

Kendrick Lamar Says "Fear" Contains the Best Verses He's Ever Written

Kung Foo Kenny goes in deep

What's the best verse of Kendrick Lamar's career? If you ask 20 different rap fans, you'll probably get 20 different answers.

The legendary rapper graced the cover of the latest issue of i-D magazine. During the interview, K.Dot was asked if he's ever written "a perfect verse."

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Lamar didn't really answer the question. But he gave insight into what he thought which song contained his best verses: It was his DAMN.standout "Fear."

Here's why:

Its completely honest. The first verse is everything that I feared from the time that I was seven years old. The second verse I was 17. In the third, its everything I feared when I was 27. These verses are completely honest.

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The interview talked about a number of topics, including the relationship he established with President Barack Obama. He revealed a conversation they had where they both marveled at their respective journey:

The craziest thing he said was, 'Wow, how did we both get here?' Blew my mind away...I mean, it's just a surreal moment when you have two black individuals, knowledgeable individuals, but who also come from these backgrounds where they say we'll never touch ground inside these floors."

The rapper talked about a number of other topics from Trump to his creative process to his community work. Check out the interview here.