Kendrick Lamar To Release Collector's Edition Of 'DAMN.'

Kendrick Lamar To Release Collector's Edition Of 'DAMN.'

Kendrick Lamar Debuts 'DAMN.' Songs + Kills The Coachella Stage

Photo of Kendrick Lamar courtesy of Coachella.

Kendrick Lamar will be releasing a new collector’s edition of his fourth studio album DAMN. Microsoft’s online music store has a listing of the collector’s edition version of the album, which includes new cover art and a revised track list. The album art now shows Lamar wearing a t-shirt with the album’s name on it, while the new track list is backwards so it starts with “DUCKWORTH.” instead of “BLOOD.”

WATCH: 9th Wonder Reveals The Original Name For Kendrick Lamar’s “Duckworth” Track

No other information is known about the collector’s edition. Lamar had already revealed that his most recent album could be played backwards.

“I think like a week after the album came out, [fans] realized you can play the album backwards…It plays as a full story and even a better rhythm… It’s something that we definitely premeditate while we’re in the studio,” Kendrick said to MTV. “I don’t think the story necessarily changes, I think the feel changes…The initial vibe listening from the top all the way to the bottom is…this aggression and this attitude. You know, ‘DNA,’ and exposing who I really am. You listen from the back end, and it’s almost the duality and the contrast of the intricate Kendrick Lamar. Both of these pieces are who I am.”

It was also recently revealed that the closing track off DAMN. was not initially called “DUCKWORTH.” but “Life Is Like a Box of Chicken.” During an interview with Rap Radar’s Brian “B-Dot” Miller, producer 9th Wonder, who produced “DUCKWORTH.” spoke on the song’s original name, as well as how the track came to be.

DAMN. and some of the songs from the album are also up for a number of awards at the 2018 Grammy Awards, including record of the year and album of the year.

Source: pitchfork.com

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