Jeezy Announces His Next Album, 'TM 104,' Will Be His Last

Jeezy Announces That His Next Album, 'TM 104,' Will Be His Last

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Does Jeezy have one more classic in him?

On Thursday, Jeezy went to his social media platforms and announced that he was releasing a new album called TM4: Trust Ya Process.

The rapper also revealed that the album would be his last.

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In his message the rapper first shouted out the fans that went to his Cold Summer tour. Then he revealed the news about his upcoming album:

As the Cold Summer tour comes to a end.. It was inspiring seeing my day one fans since my first album & class TM 101 come out every night. Now class is coming to a end. It’s time for Graduation! My Last Album & Final Class: TM104.

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Jeezy has been in the rap game for nearly 20 years. But his official debut came out in 2005, when he released his debut album  Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101. His last album, Pressure, came out in 2017.

Check out Jeezy’s post below.

A post shared by @jeezy on

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