Watch the Footnotes for JAY-Z's "The Story of O.J."

Watch the Footnotes for JAY-Z's "The Story of O.J."

JAY-Z Releases Footnotes for "The Story of O.J."

Photo courtesy of TIDAL.

More and more people are able to listen to JAY-Z’s new album, 4:44.

At first, the album was only accessible to Sprint and existing TIDAL members. Now, the album can be accessed by all TIDAL users. Rumor has it that by next week, the album will be on other streaming services, like APPLE Music.  

LISTEN: Stream JAY-Z’s New Album ‘4:44’ Now

There’s a lot of goodies attached to the album. The latest are footnotes for the excellent “The Story of O.J.” video. The footnotes feature appearances from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Will Smith, Michael B. Jordan, Mahershala Ali, Chris Rock, and more talking about race.

WATCH: JAY-Z Releases An Animated Video for “The Story of O.J.”

Lamar has some particularly potent comments. He talked about being five, seeing someone get killed in front of his house, and seeing how the police talked to his mother:

“The disrespect and the manner that this officer — he was a bad officer, I would say that for sure — that he approached my mother with was completely out of line.”

Watch the footnotes for the “The Story of O.J.” video below.


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