Jay-Z Releases "BAM" Video Starring Damian Marley, Sister Nancy
Jay-Z Releases "BAM" Video Starring Damian Marley, Sister Nancy
Source: Tidal

Jay-Z Releases "BAM" Video Starring Damian Marley, Sister Nancy

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The latest music video to come from Jay-Z's recently-released 4:44 album.

The video finds Jay-Z exploring Bob Marley's old neighborhood, Trenchtown, alongside Marley's youngest son Damian. As Damian takes Jay-Z on a tour they also discuss reggae music's timeless influence, especially on black music in America. From there, Sister Nancy, who's groundbreaking track "Bam Bam" is sampled on Jay-Z's "BAM," makes an appearance, as she talks about her seminal reggae song with Jay and Damian.

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Jay-Z has already released music videos for the album's title track and "The Story Of O.J.," as well as accompanying mini documentaries titled "Footnotes," where artists and celebrities discuss the themes surrounding the respective songs. In the latest "Footnotes," Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Will SmithMahershala Ali, Chris Rock, Michael B. Jordan and others speak on romantic relationships and how that intersects with ideas of masculinity and the communities they were raised in.

Ultimately, the video concludes with Jay-Z discussing the album’s title track and sharing it with Beyoncé.

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"Did you let your wife hear that early," someone asks Jay-Z in regards to the song. "Yeah, I just played it," the artist responded. "We've been in that space where we’ve got to a place where in order for this to work this can't be fake. I'm not saying it wasn't uncomfortable but because we've been doing it for so long it was less uncomfortable."

Check out the video for "BAM" below.