Scott Heins Jay Electronica CMJ 2-1
Jay Electronica performs at the Santos Party House CMJ takeover -- Photo by Scott Heins
Photo Credit: Scott Heins

Watch Jay Electronica Lip-Sync Drake To An Unamused Erykah Badu

Scott Heins Jay Electronica CMJ 2-1 Photo Credit: Scott Heins

The reclusive rapper recently took to Instagram to share the video.

Jay Electronica's latest Instagram post isn't in regards to any new music or an upcoming tour, but a lol-worthy short video of him hanging out with Erykah Badu.

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Posted on Sunday, the video finds Electronica lip-syncing Drake's "Feel No Ways" to Badu, who is visibly unamused. For real, come for the lip-syncing but stay for Badu's incredible side-eye technique.

The rapper also recently put up a picture of himself and Pusha T with the following caption: "The need for unity amongst our ppl FAR outweighs and supersedes any petty or ultimately meaningless beef."

Needless to say, it doesn't seem like Electronica has a favorite out of the Pusha and Drake feud.

Earlier this year, Electronica went on a spring tour. The nine-day tour included stops in cities like Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and more. The rapper also delivered his first verse of the year on Poo Bear's track "Hard 2 Face Reality," which features Justin Bieber.

Poo Bear previously discussed how the collaborative track came together.

"I happened to be at Roc Nation in New York and I met Jay Electronica's manager. I was like, 'Hey, man, do you think he would get on this record?' The manager was like, 'Let me hear it.' I played it; he said it was a smash. So he sent it to Jay," Bear said. "Everybody doubted that he'd get on it – Jay is really picky. Everyone's like, 'Good luck!' I gave him a deadline, and he turned it in on the deadline day. I couldn't even believe it. It's like an alien on the record."