J. Cole Wraps Up 'Return of the Dreamers III' Session
J. Cole Wraps Up 'Return of the Dreamers III' Session
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J. Cole is Embarrassed by the "Platinum With No Features" Meme: "Y'all Gonna Make Me Put a Feature on the Album"

J. Cole gives a rare interview.

Rapper J. Cole is GQ's latest cover star.

The writer for the piece, Allison P. Davis, shadowed J. Cole during NBA All-Star weekend 2019 in North Carolina. The profile covered a lot of ground: telling the story of Cole's career peaks and valleys so far.

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One of the more interesting moments came when Cole talked about the platinum with no features meme that has plagued the internet since, 2014 Forest Hills Drive went platinum with no features in 2015. Speaking on the meme, Cole said:

I was loving it...I was like, "Word up — this is funny as hell." But the second or third time, I was like, "All right, it's almost embarrassing now." Like, "All right, man, y'all gonna make me put a feature on the album just so this shit can stop."

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Cole also talked about the space he's in now, where he's collaborating more. At the top of 2019, Cole launched the Revenge of the Dreamers sessions in Atlanta. Over 70 rappers, singers, and producers were invited for a week-long recording marathon session. When the smoke was cleared, there were 127 songs, which will be whittled down to an album.

Speaking on the process, Cole said:

I've been so secluded within myself that people think I don't like anybody, that I won't work with anybody. It's a reputation that's been extending to my artists, too...I don't even know how this shit works all the way anymore, the game. And if I don't know, I've got to learn.

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Source: GQ