Freddie Gibbs performing in New York
Freddie Gibbs performing in New York
Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage via Getty Images

Freddie Gibbs is Bringing Madlib and Alchemist Together for His Next Album

"It’s gonna be the best produced album that I ever made."

Already touting an enviable portfolio of collaborative projects, Freddie Gibbs appears ready to outdo himself once again.

In a new cover story for Mixmag, the Gary rapper revealed that he's ditching the single-producer format for a more balanced approach on his next album. For Gibbs, that means an outing with not one, but all, of the prestigious producers he's worked with. "It’s another album of the year," Gibbs said, adding that he was set to work with Pharrell, the following week and had already secured beats from Madlib, Alchemist, Hit-Boy, Sevn Thomas, and more. "It’s gonna be the best produced album that I ever made," the rapper declared.

Elsewhere in the interview, Gibbs doubled down on his contentious assertion of being the best to ever rap over a Madlib beat, but expressed reverence for MF DOOM's run with the Beat Konducta. "Rest in peace to MF DOOM. I feel like he gave me the measuring stick. He set the tone. When I was making Piñata, everyone was talking about how he did the best shit and you know the competitor in me wanted to make the better album," Gibbs told Mixmag. The rapper also addressed his loss to Nas for "Best Rap Album" at this year's Grammy awards. "If you’re gonna lose to somebody, you’re gonna want to lose to Nas," the rapper said. "Nas is a hall of fame MC. If anything it just shows how great I am to lose to such an MC. I could’ve lost to Macklemore or something," the rapper joked, referencing Kendrick Lamar's infamous snub.

The new Freddie Gibbs album is tentatively titled SSS. The rapper has yet to announce a release date for the album. Stay tuned for updates in the weeks and months ahead.