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Four Run-DMC Classics To Be Released On Vinyl From Get On Down

Four Run-DMC Classics To Be Released On Vinyl From Get On Down

Run DMC Art of Cool Festival 2019
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Tougher Than Leather, Raising Hell, King Of Rock and Run-DMC are must-haves for any true blue collector.

Arguably one of the greatest hip-hop duos to ever grace the stage, screen and soundwaves — Run-DMC will be getting their discography back out to the masses — and not a moment too soon. For those not old enough to remember, the ‘80s were ruled by Run-DMC with their hard-edge rhymes, smooth flow and supreme cut creator skills led by the late Jam Master Jay. Hell, they were the first hip-hop act to get an endorsement deal after Adidas saw just how influential Run and D were during a show when all the fans held up their Adidas sneaker almost a million people strong.

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Fast forward through time and the ‘90s were treated to a bald-head invasion led by Run-DMC. Their brand of one-two punch rhymes, while taking out sucker MCs made them street legends and bonafide stars in the eyes of many. Now, as Get On Down, a Boston-based record label and online boutique, offers up this assortment of hip-hop goodies, we are the lucky ones as four of Run-DMC most cherished works become available for consumption. From the first rap album to achieve Gold status (Run-DMC) to proving that hip-hop was a true genre worthy of respect (King Of Rock, Raising Hell) to an effort that defied expectations and angered competition alike (Tougher Than Leather) — you would be in the best path of enlightenment if you decided to cop these albums.

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So, don’t wait any longer, head over to Get On Down and snatch up these classics before it is too late.


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