Chuck D Confirms A New Public Enemy Album is on the Way
Chuck D Confirms A New Public Enemy Album is on the Way

Flavor Flav Sues Chuck D Over Unpaid Public Enemy Royalties

Who knew we would see the day this would happen.

On Wednesday, Flavor Flav filed a lawsuit in federal court against Chuck D and two business managers. The suit claims he has not been paid royalties and revenue from merchandise.

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According to documents that TMZ saw, Chuck D and Flav, the two stars of Public Enemy, have an agreement in which the two share profits from music sales, live concerts and merchandise.

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However, Flav says he hasn't seen a check in years; the legendary hype man says he co-wrote over 50 PE songs. In addition to Chuck D, Flavor Flav is suing Gary Rinaldo, the group’s business manager since 2008, and Clifton “Greg” Johnson, his ex-personal manager.

So what about that new Public Enemy album, Nothing is Quick in the Desert, that dropped in July? Flavor was listed as an executive producer, but he claims he played a minimal role on the project. According to Flav, he requested $75,000 to appear on the album. He went to the studio and recorded vocals and afterwards he received $7,500.  He was told he was going to be wired the rest of the money. When the money never came he flew home.

He was shocked to hear his vocals on the album because he thought they were of poor quality. The suit says: “He had never heard of the album, nor heard any of the final mixes.”

Hopefully, the two can find a way to iron this out before it goes to trial.

Source: TMZ