Erykah Badu performs at this year's Summer Spirit Festival, photos by Zenarfoto
Erykah Badu performs at this year's Summer Spirit Festival. | Photos by Zenarfoto.
Photo Credit: Zenarfoto

Erykah Badu Announces Second Quarantine Concert For $2

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Apocalypse Two is happening this weekend.

Erykah Badu is hosting another quarantine concert on Sunday, April 5.

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The "Apocalypse Two" show (the second in Badu's quarantine concert series) will begin at 7pm cst, and costs two dollars to livestream. Entry to the concert can be accessed through Badu's online shopping store, Badu World Market.

The artist recently spoke on the inspiration behind the concert series.

During her "Apocalypse One" show, which included renditions of “Other Side of the Game,” “Tyrone,” and other tracks from her catalog, Badu also took the time to speak on the challenges she — and other — musicians are facing during the coronavirus pandemic.

"How [the music industry] works is, the artists get about 8 to 20 percent [of record sales], but it's not paid until the record label recoups the money they loaned to you in the form of an advance, so it's really not designed for us to become wealthy," she said. "That's why we rely on our live shows. We're not rich people. We just play rich people on TV. This is how we make our living and some of us only have one form of income and that's shows. I wanted to create another revenue of income and you're helping me do that in a big way."