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Users Demand Refund From Spotify After Heavy-Handed Drake Promotion

Users Demand Refund From Spotify After Heavy-Handed Drake Promotion

Spotify users request refunds after over-the-top Drake promotion

Drake SZN or refund SZN?

Drake’s latest album, Scorpion, is a smash. The album, which is the rapper’s fifth, was being streamed 10 million times every hour over the weekend, according to Spotify.

That is a record.

And of course the album got a bunch of streams. Scorpion was heavily promoted on Spotify. There was a whole campaign around the LP, called Scorpion SZN. Drake’s face was featured on playlists that didn’t even feature the rapper (“Best of British” anyone?)

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Some Spotify users were not happy with this, however. And they started to strike back. Subscribers have called out Spotify, saying that this wasn’t promotion; this sort of Drake coverage was advertisement. And since they pay for an ad-free experience, they should get a refund.

Billboard points out that Reddit user Schwagschwag said he made a complaint to Spotify, and was able to get a refund because of it:

GET THIS MONTH REFUNDED. I just messaged spotify customer service on their website and told them I wanted a refund since this is advertising and I pay for premium with no ads, and they have now refunded my last payment. Complain, take your money back, and let them know you will cancel if they pull this shit again. Money talks. Money walking away talks.

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Others in the comment section tried the same strategy but had no luck. Subscribers also toko their complaints to Twitter, and shared their stories:

.@Spotify when you pay for premium membership you pay for no advertising. This ‘drake spam’ is advertising. Can us paid users expect any kind of refund?

Spotify has not responded to this controversy. It will be interesting to see how they will handle big releases from now on.

Source: Billboard


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