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There’s a Version of Drake’s “Sandra’s Rose” That Features DJ Premier Scratches

There’s a Version of Drake’s “Sandra’s Rose” That Features DJ Premier Scratches

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DJ Premier talks about producing for Drake

We’re not sure if you’re aware, but Drake has released his fifth solo album, Scorpion. One of the standouts off the album, which has 25 tracks, is “Sandra’s Rose,” a song dedicated to Drake’s mom.

Legendary producer DJ Premier produced the track. It is the first time Drake and Primo collaborated on a track.

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Pitchfork talked to Primo about how the track came about. interestingly enough, Premier reached out to OVO to produce the track:

I dropped [Drake’s longtime producer] 40 a text and said, “Hey man, if there’s a slot, let me know.” He was like, “Actually, there is. Let me get back to you.”

Premier then suddenly had to deal with some personal issues (his father was dying.) And the producer said that his “focus wasn’t on music.” But he was able to make some heat:

Then 40 hit me up again and said Drake wanted me to flip a couple of samples and give them “the Preem bounce”—the way my drums bounce and the way I play my basslines. One was called “Sail” that Rick Ross had a verse on, and it didn’t make the album. The other one was “Sandra’s Rose.” I was like, “He’s obviously going to make sure he touches on that properly just for the name alone.” That title carries a lot of weight.

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Interestingly enough, all of this was super last minute and happened over the last couple of weeks. There is also a version of “Sandra’s Rose” that contains scratches from the legendary producer:

I did a version with some scratches on it as well, but Drake definitely wanted to keep it more breathable for his album. I’m gonna push to see if I can get the one with the scratches to the mix show DJs, because I liked the way it tied in. I’m still happy with how it came out and I’m glad that they kept the record.

Head to Pitchfork to check out the entire interview.

Source: Pitchfork


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