DJ Premier Wants To Work With Andre 3000

DJ Premier Wants To Work With Andre 3000

DJ Premier Says That He Has Some Kendrick Lamar Songs in the Stash

Photo of DJ Premier courtesy of Instagram.

In a recent interview DJ Premier revealed the next artist he wants to collaborate with — Andre 3000.

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“I reached out to André 3000 because he’s part of that Sony roster with Outkast and as a soloist,” Premier said to Complex. “I’d love to get him on one of them. Hopefully I can get that to happen. It hasn’t come to light yet, but I would love to get him on a joint. It could be Outkast or a solo joint. I would love to get 3 Stacks. I know he is selective on what he does, but I would destroy that record.”

In the interview Premier also detailed how his recent collaboration with A$AP Ferg, “Our Streets,” came about and how the single is a part of the revival of classic hip-hop label Payday Records.

“I was reaching out to Primo just to look for some music. I wanted to do a different style of music than I usually do,” Ferg said. “I really wanted to write, and they had the perfect beats for it. Primo, he’s a legend first of all. Second of all, he knows my family, my background, and he knows where I come from.”

Premier said that he hopes to get 3 Stacks for one of a handful of other collaborative singles he is doing for Payday’s comeback.

In another recent interview Premo discussed how Travis Scott’s father and uncle, Jack and Travis, respectively, taught him how to play drums and bass, as well as how to ride motorcycles.

“I knew how to play drums because Travis Scott’s dad was one of my OGs when I was a kid in Texas,” the producer said. “I used to ride mini-bikes and I was into motorcycles real heavy, into dirt bikes, and he taught me how to ride.”

“As I got older, like a teenager, Jack and Travis was always playing drums and bass in the house and they taught me how to play drums and bass,” Premo continued. “Travis, which is Travis Scott’s uncle, taught me bass, and Jack taught me drums. That’s a lot that has something to do with my production style to this day.”

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