DJ Khaled Popstar Drake cover
DJ Khaled Popstar Drake cover
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Drake & DJ Khaled Team up For Two New Songs, "Greece" & "Popstar"

DJ Khaled gets another two assists from Drake.

The Drake vocals have come in.

DJ Khaled has released two new singles from his upcoming album, Khaled Khaled. Both songs feature Drake. One is called "Greece" and it is a song that was leaked before. The song features Drake singing in a way that's almost unrecognizable. His voice sounds lighter — almost like The Weekend. (There are many comments on YouTube about how this sounds like a fake Drake song.) The song was produced by TIGGI and OZ.

The other track is Popstar" and it is more aligned with the music he released on Dark Lane Demo Tapes earlier in the year. Over a moody production from DJ Khaled, DAVID x ELI and OZ, Drake raps:

"Busy at the crib, cookin' salmon with the lobster

If we talkin' joints, it's just me and David Foster

Bodyguards don't look like Kevin Costner, you tweakin'

Just pulled up to Whitney Houston, Texas for the evenin'"

Ever the promoter, DJ Khaled has been teasing these celebrations for weeks. Earlier in the month, Khaled appeared on N.O.R.E.'s podcast Drink Champs. While there he confirmed that Drake was on the album, saying the "vocals sound so incredible."

Khaled then formally announced that "Popstar" was coming. Over the last week, he started teasing the song with all of this owl imagery. (The owl is Drake's official OVO mascot.)

Drake and Khaled have done multiple songs together over the years. It started with "Fed Up" in 2009 and continued with hit records like "I'm on One," "No New Friends," and "For Free." Their last collaboration together was "To the Max" in 2017.

Check out "Greece" and "Popstar" below.