Danny Brown Finally Got His Chipped Teeth Fixed

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What has happened to the chipped-tooth rapper?

A chipped up grill was once seen as a badge of honor for a great rapper. Now, we’re in an era of grills and veneers (shout out Gucci Mane.)

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The latest rapper to get his teeth fixed is Danny Brown. It’s been hard to tell for the last couple of months because he’s been rocking a grill, but Brown definitely got his chipped grill fixed recently.

He confirmed the news with a pic he posted on Snapchat:

Danny Brown Gets Teeth Fixed

When asked about it on Twitter, he quoted Ozzy Osbourne:

It really does feel like the end of an era. Not only for Brown — who’s had a chipped tooth ever since the sixth grade — but for great rappers with shoddy teeth.

Oh, well. At least we still have Wiki.

Catch Danny Brown and his new grill with Lil B live on November 22 at Detroit’s Club Fantasy.

Bruiser Thanksgiving 4 with Lil B The Basedgod .. Nov 22 2017 at Club Fantasy

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