Comixology Makes 'Black Panther' Comics Free to Read in Honor of Chadwick Boseman

Almost every issue of Black Panther on Comixology is currently available to read for free.

Comixology is offering Black Panther fans one helluva gift in honor of the late Chadwick Boseman.

According to Gizmodothe online comic retailer has wiped the purchase fee from nearly all of its Black Panther issues. Their library covers the beloved Marvel character's origins through its more recent iterations, helmed by acclaimed author, Ta-Nehisi Coates. Though the move was not explicitly revealed to be a tribute to Boseman (or announced at all, for that matter,) it seems fairly safe to assume that it was intended to commemorate the actor, who first took on the role of T'Challa in Captain American: Civil War. Boseman's appearance almost immediately sparked a demand for a breakout film in the MCU. In 2018, fans got their wish in the standalone Black Panther film, which set box office records and elevated the character to clear fan favorite.

A sequel to the film was slated to launch "Phase 5" of the MCU in 2022 with Ryan Coogler returning to direct. In response to Boseman's death, the film is reportedly being rightfully retooled, handing the throne over to T'Challa's sister, Shuri, much earlier than initially intended. With pre-production already underway, Black Panther 2 is still in the book for a May 2022 release, but fans should brace themselves for delays as the film's story gets reworked.

Comixology's quiet tribute to Boseman follows an outpouring of commemorations from fans and friends of the actor. In a heartfelt statement from the Black Panther director, Coogler referred to Boseman as an "anomaly," citing an unflinching dedication to roles and immutable kindness to those around him.

Head over to Comixology to dive into their Black Panther comic library. Stay tuned for updates on the sequel to the 2018 blockbuster in the weeks and months ahead.