Chris Rock Once Agreed With MC Serch’s Wife That A Tribe Called Quest “Doesn’t Hold Up”

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Chris Rock Once Agreed With MC Serch's Wife That A Tribe Called Quest "Doesn't Hold Up"
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In a recent appearance on MC Serch’s podcast series, Chris Rock talked about how he had a record deal as an MC in the ’80s, his appearance on Busta Rhymes’ new album and more.

Chris Rock can’t believe he ever sided with MC Serch’s wife on a hot take she had about A Tribe Called Quest. During an appearance on Serch’s Serch Says podcast series, Rock was reminded of a time he agreed with Serch’s wife Chantel that the beloved Queens rap group “doesn’t hold up.” The moment occurred after Serch and Chantel went to see A Tribe Called Quest in Chicago for one of their last live shows.

“I’m saying, ‘Damn, man, Tribe was incredible tonight,'” Serch recalled, noting how the two were listening to the group’s Low End Theory album on the way back. “And she’s like, ‘Eh, Tribe doesn’t hold up.'”

Serch then proceeded to call Rock and tell him what Chantel said. Surprisingly, Rock agreed with Chantel, saying: “You know, Chantel’s right.”

“I said that?” Rock asked surprisingly. “I take it back…Tribe holds up maybe better than every other rap group ever.”

“Let me say this about Tribe records — there’s nothing I feel silly saying as a 50-year-old,” Rock added. “And by the way, the last Tribe album was insane…it’s weird 20 years in you got a great Tribe album and a great Busta album.”

The pair also talked about Chris Rock’s interest in being an MC, with the comedian sharing that he once had a record deal in the ’80s, something he also recently discussed with Neal Brennan.

“I had a deal at Atlantic I believe…I had a record deal as a rapper before I even had a deal as a comedian,” Rock said. “I had a 12-inch deal, because there were no album deals.”

Rock recently released an extended cut of his 2018 Netflix special, Tamborine.

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