Eve Trina
Eve Trina
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The Best Moments From Eve & Trina's Legendary Female Hip-Hop 'Verzuz' Battle

Eve and Trina served up an enjoyable Verzuz, the battle centered the past era of female hip-hop, but it also shed light on why their deep cuts are essential to the rap canon at large.

Its ironic that the first female hip-hop Verzuz battle took place the same day that XXLs Freshman List included four women for the first time ever. On Thursday evening, Trina and Eve shared their greatest hits and proved why they belong in the expansive '00s rap canon.

Both of the femcees are known for the chokehold they had two different regions in the South and the East Coast. Last night was proof that more than one woman can exist in the rap space and thrive. Believe it or not thats a conversation thats often had online and in real-life conversations.

This wasnt the first Verzuz featuring women acts. In the past Erykah Badu and Jill Scott appeared as two kindred spirits virtually, Brandy and Monica faced off in Atlanta together, also who could forget Keyshia Cole and Ashantis R&B battle? Most recently SWV and Xscape blessed their fans with a live-streamed celebration.

Even though Eve was broadcasting from London, the appreciation she had for Trina was hard to ignore. Similarly, Trina who was live from Miami's LIV wasnt afraid to bop and vibe to Eves biggest singles and tracks throughout her career. It was a beautiful thing to see both legendary acts mention the favorites from one anothers catalogs.

For all the hip-hop heads who thoroughly enjoyed the 90s and early 00s, below were listing all of our favorite moments from the evening. Also, as always were sharing the best tweets of the evening.

1. Trinas Da Baddest Bitch vs. Eves Tambourine

Trinas Da Baddest Bitch is honestly a hell of a start to the evening, mainly because this track still rings off like its not 21 years old. The Miami rappers debut single still is packed with a lot of energy. Eve then shares her well-received 2007 single Tambourine, she also adds she wishes she was in Miami to enjoy this moment.

2. Webbie feat. Trina Bad Bitch (Remix) vs. Eve feat. Nokio the N-Tity What Yall Want (Remix)

Honestly, Trinas verse on Bad Bitch (Remix) is unforgettable. But, Eves What Yall Want is also a banger. It was a bit hard to decide which track rang off harder.

3. Trinas Pull Over vs. DJ Clue feat. DMX, Drag-On, Eve, Jadakiss & Styles Ps Ruff Ryders Anthem (Remix)

Down South, Pull Over is a track a DJ can throw on and itll get the crowd going. Similarly, last night Trina sparked something when the single was played, there were even background dancers who twerked. Eve also shared, That is my shit when the song was about to wrap. But, then she shared Ruff Ryders Anthem (Remix) and shared a moment for the late rapper DMX and allowed his verse to play with no interruption.

4. Trinas Single Again vs. Missy Elliott feat. Eve, Nas, Lil Mo & Q-Tips Hot Boyz (Remix)

As soon as some rap fans hear Yep, yep, Im back they already know what time it is. Single Again is a timeless bop that never gets old. Also, it doesnt hurt that this 2008 single was produced by J-Roc and Timbaland. This is undeniably a legendary moment for Trina. Eves appearance on Missy Elliotts Hot Boyz (Remix) is the perfect match for the Miami rappers classic hit.

5. Trina feat. Kelly Rowlands Here We Go vs. Eve feat. Gwen Stefanis Let Me Blow Ya Mind

Here We Go is an infamous breakup anthem off of Trinas 2005 album Glamorest Life. By the time Trina queues this up, its clear she is just getting started with her deep cuts from years ago. Who can resist Force MDs Tender Love sample? We cant. Next up is Eves Let Me Blow Ya Mind with Gwen Stefani. This is a banger and it also happens to be Eves highest-charting Billboard Hot 100 single (No. 2).

6. Yo Gotti feat. Trina, Nicki Minaj & Gucci Manes 5 Star vs. City High feat. Eves Caramel (Remix)

5 Star was a great selection for this moment, it definitely has high octane energy that was needed. City Highs Caramel (Remix) was the perfect pairing for this moment, especially because City High is an underrated group. Remember What Would You Do on BETs 106 & Park? We do.

7. Trinas Fk Boy vs. Eves Satisfaction

Fk Boy is really, really it. Its another deep cut that gets the people going, especially if youre into Southern female rappers. For this track, Trina gets in her bag and gives the people exactly what they want, her stage presence here is unmatched. Eves performance of Satisfaction is packed with the same level of energy Trina served up.

8. Trick Daddy feat. Trina & Slip-N-Slide Express' Take it to Da House vs. Eves Give It To You

Were biased. Take it to Da House is a hit that sticks like grits. Its one of the best Southern hip-hop songs of all time. Its kind of a miss when Eve queues up Give It To You with Sean Paul, but well take it.

9. Trina feat. Killer Mikes Look Back at Me vs. Eve feat. Drag-On & Swizz Beatz' Got What You Need

Look Back At Me is yet another track that has a certain je ne sais quoi that only Trina can provide. Her wordplay is also unmatched on this track off of Still Da Baddest, her 2008 album. Elsewhere, Eves Got What You Need is an attempt at matching Look Back At Me, but it doesnt hit as hard.

10. Latto feat. Trina & Saweeties Bh From Da Souf (Remix) vs. Kelly Rowland feat. Eves Bump This

This was a memorable moment, Trina made it clear that she wanted to provide a bit of shine on the newest generation of female rappers. So, her DJ throws on Lattos Bitch From Da Souf (Remix) that she appears on.

11. Trinas Red Bottoms vs. Eve feat. Alicia Keyss Gangsta Lovin

Red Bottoms was a cultural reset, it had a lot of folks down South in a chokehold. Seeing Trina step into this moment with literal Louboutins on is everything. While this was it, Eves Gangsta Lovin provides some fierce competition, its really the hook for us, but also it might just be one of the most distinct tracks by the Philadelphia-bred rapper.

12. Trick Daddy feat. Trinas Nann N---a vs. Eves Whos That Girl?

Just when you actually thought Trick Daddy wasnt going to make an appearance, he pops up for this live rendition of Nann N---a featuring Trina. At just 19, she served up explicit, vulgar lyrics that spoke to her life in Miami as a realtor, but also as someone who was active in the nightlife scene there ever since she was a teen. Eves Whos That Girl is once again the perfect match, since its a classic.

Final Moment & Closing Thoughts

The battle is just about over before Trina has her DJ premiere her newest single Receipts. Its honestly a good look, were into it. She raps a few verses before things wrap.

Overall, both Trina and Eve successfully displayed a few of their most successful hits, especially those that topped Billboards charts during the 00s. Sometimes we dont select a winner, but Trina is our winner based off the fact that she really brought an energy that allowed fans to fully see her, and she also stood firmly in her power. It was a bit hard to feed off Eves energy since she was all the way in London, but we admit, she did the best she could. Regardless, last night was momentous, its not everyday that female hip-hop legends are allotted space to revel in their brilliance.

Watch the entire battle below.