The Names Chance & Kendrick Spiked in Popularity in 2017

The Names Chance & Kendrick Spiked in Popularity in 2017

Rapper names are on the rise

Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar are two of the most inspiring rappers in contemporary music. So inspiring that new parents are naming their babies after the rappers.

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BabyCenter.com has released a list of the hottest baby trends of 2017. According to the site, which tracks this data, the name Chance has jumped 21 percent in popularity for boy names. While the name Kendrick saw a nine percent spike.

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Other interesting notes: the name Dre is up a whopping 40 percent, while Jay went up a marginal three percent.

In other pop culture baby name news; LeBron grew 64 percent with boys, while Moana, because of the Disney movie, rose 64 percent in young girls.

Head to BabyCenter.com to see more interesting tidbits.

Source: Baby Center  H/T: XXL

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