Aretha franklin performs in new york
Aretha franklin performs in new york
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An Aretha Franklin Will was Found Inside One of Her Couches

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Three Aretha wills were recently discovered.

When Aretha Franklin died back in August, it was reported that there was no will left behind by the Queen of Soul. Apparently, there was a will...just no one found it yet.

A handwritten will was found in Aretha's home earlier this month. And, on Monday, May 20th, the writings were officially filed in court.

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According to the court filings Associated Press looked at, Sabrina Owens, Aretha's niece who also serves as the estate’s personal representative, found the key to a locked cabinet inside of her Michigan home. The cabinet contained two handwritten wills from 2010. One will says a will from decades earlier isn't good anymore.

The other is 11 pages and has a signature from a notary.

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Owens also found another will: this time in a notebook that was inside of a couch. That will is four pages and has been described as difficult to read. The most notable thing about the wills is the fact that one of them says she wants her son Kecalf Franklin to serve as personal representative of the estate. (After Aretha died, her sons agreed to have Owens oversee the estate.)

On June 12th there will be a hearing about the documents’ validity.

Source: APNews