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Allen Iverson Talks About the Time He Had to Explain His "Terrible Rap Album" to Ex-NBA Commissioner David Stern

While on Kevin Hart's Cold As Balls, Allen Iverson spoke on late NBA commissioner David Stern rapping lyrics from his shelved debut album.

Allen Iverson has fond memories of late NBA commissioner David Stern. While visiting Kevin Hart's sports talk show Cold As Balls, A.I. recalled stern once reciting lyrics from his shelved debut album, Misunderstood.

“It wasn’t a great relationship when I did that terrible rap album,” A.I. told Hart. “When I did that bullsh*t, that’s when I had a problem with David Stern.”

Under the rap moniker "Jewelz," Misunderstood was set to be released in 2001, but came under controversy for lead single "40 Barz" which had sexist and homophobic lyrics. A.I. remembered sitting in Stern's office and having lyrics from "40 Barz" read back to him.

“I remember going into the office, and he was reading my lyrics, Kev. Like, David Stern was actually reading ‘40 Bars‘ off a piece of paper, and me and (former Sixers star) Theo Ratliff — I was trying not to laugh, because I knew how serious it was. And the shit I was saying, obviously, you know … So to hear David Stern rapping it, it was crazy. It was embarrassing.”

Hart also mentioned that Misunderstood was going to have a full slate of guest appearances, but the 2001 NBA MVP said he felt enabled by those around him.

“A lot of people tell you what you wanna hear, as opposed to what you need to hear. And I dealt with that," he said.

Watch the full interview below.